22nd April 2023

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First Organ Donation at K J Somaiya Hospital and Research Centre

A 12 year old brain dead child has become the first organ donor from K J Somaiya Hospital and Research Centre and could save the life of 3 who received his organs. This child was admitted to the ICU of K J Somaiya hospital on 14th April after meeting with a road traffic accident. Despite the best efforts, he remained unconscious and the first test to confirm brain death was positive on 18th April 2023. 

However, it was very difficult for the parents to accept the reality. The family was counseled about organ donation, but they were not willing. The intensive care team continued their regular counseling and finally on 21st April, the family could accept the condition and expressed their desire to let their beloved child live on, by donating his organs. 

After consent from the family, his liver and both kidneys were retrieved early next morning and donated to 3 different patients. 

“It was very difficult for us to initially accept the loss of our young son, but the doctors patiently answered all our queries and we then decided to donate his organs, and give a lease of life to others, and that our son can continue to live even after his death.” expressed the parents of the deceased child.

The decision to donate organs of a child is definitely a tough decision for any parent, and though it doesn’t lessen their pain, it can probably give some comfort and relief from the gripping tragedy. 

“Brain stem death patients are very difficult to maintain because of the hormonal perturbations they experience and the high risk of secondary infections. A well-equipped ICU with the presence of an excellent team of doctors and nurses helped us maintain the child and preserve the organs in a healthy state for 3 days till the parents could accept the fact “ stated Dr Gunjan Chanchalani, chief intensivist K J Somaiya Hospital.

“This is the first time organs have been retrieved from a brain dead donor at our hospital and despite the pain of losing a child, I salute the virtuous and selfless decision taken by the child’s parents and helping save the lives of 3 others. I appreciate the efforts put by our clinical team and also the organisation efforts put by Medical Superintendent Dr. Minu Ramakrishnan & Transplant Coordinator Mr. Dinesh Wadekar.” expressed Dr Varsha Phadke, Dean, K J Somaiya Hospital.

Dr. Bharat Shah, ZTCC secretary said "this shows how sincere efforts by all members of the hospital can make a great difference". It is these efforts that resulted in successful organ donation to save 3 lives. If such efforts are made in all the hospitals, many people in need of organ transplant can be saved and the gap between the need and supply can be narrowed.

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