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Many of our villages and towns don't have libraries anymore. Also, much of our traditional architectural heritage is being taken down to make way for 'modern' buildings.

Our mission is to preserve some of this heritage by transforming them into community libraries.

We began our first library in 2018 in Tera, Kutch. Tera is the village from where K. J. Somaiya's family comes from. Show Location link arrow

The second library in Roha, Kutch, was inaugurated on 20th January, 2023. Such initiatives in villages with populations below 1500 aim to preserve India's rich cultural and architectural heritage. The project involves restoring buildings in disrepair into vibrant libraries, nurturing appreciation for historical architecture and cultural legacy among the youth. This endeavor is a collaborative effort, made possible by generous book donations, the architectural skills and contributions of local craftsmen, and the support of a family donating their property.
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