21st January 2023

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K.J. Somaiya (Gujarat) Trust builds a library for a village in Roha

~ Part of a heritage initiative, the Trust restored a site in disrepair and converted it into a new library for the villagers ~


Mumbai, January 21, 2023: The K.J. Somaiya (Gujarat) Trust dedicates a library to a village in Roha, Kutch, by restoring a decrepit site.

This is the second time the K.J. Somaiya (Gujarat) Trust has taken up such an initiative. Previously, the trust undertook a very similar initiative, where they had provided a library to the residents of Tera, Kutch.

It is very important to preserve the built and written heritage of our country, and the K.J. Somaiya (Gujarat) Trust is certainly striving to do that. The Trust is keeping current residents of these small towns and the future generations to come in mind while doing these kinds of heritage initiatives.

Speaking about the heritage initiative, Samir Somaiya, Chairman, K.J. Somaiya Trust, says, “With populations of less than 1500, the individuals of these villages and towns need to grow up with an appreciation for our culture and also an admiration for our architecture. And to know that this also existed not just in our temples, mosques and palaces, but also in smaller buildings and homes. Many thanks to people who donated wonderful books and also the architect Hardikbhai, my cousin Miten, and the villagers and the craftsmen who made this possible. And to the family who allowed us to convert their property so. We are now beginning to work on our third project. My dream is to make many more.”

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