17th August 2022

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Somaiya Public Lecture by Doug Patterson

Doug Patterson a set designer in the film industry, owner of an architectural design practice, specialist in marine and architectural design, at Somaiya Public Lecture

Mr Doug Patterson started his lecture with the importance of hardwork, discipline & dedication at one’s time at University to which he further added was his way of excelling in different fields & tasks such as set designer in the film industry, having formed his own architectural design practice, specialising in marine and architectural design. 

He spoke about his project revolving around 3 religions, involving Vasileios Gregorovic Barsky, a Russian in 1745 based on a peninsula, Mount Athos, where monks live in 20 monasteries & women are not allowed. He made a portfolio of collections of the monasteries, church & chapels in Mount Athos. He spoke in elaboration about the entire collection.

Another one of the projects of his he spoke about was Samuel Davies, a cartographer who went on an expedition to Bhutan to draw maps later he ended up doing a collection of Dzongs of Bhutan of which Mr Doug Patterson made a portfolio by visiting & staying at the Dzongs. 

Full lecture is availabe here

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