9th September 2021

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Nihaal Singh Aadarsh, student of K J Somaiya College of Engineering has innovated a Cov-Tech ventilation system

Thanks to COVID-19, we have all heard of the ordeal of wearing PPE kits and multiple layers of suits, and how difficult it is to spend hours in the attire.

Pune-based Nihaal Singh Aadarsh was a first-hand witness to this. He watched his mother, Dr Poonam Kaur Aadarsh, return home every day, drenched in sweat. “When she’d speak to me about her ordeal, I sympathised, but thought it was part of the job. But as cases surged and she began spending more and more hours in the kit, her condition worsened,” Nihaal recalls.

Speaking with The Better India, the 19-year-old narrates, “As days passed, I realised that I could not sit and watch my mother suffer. I decided to find a solution for it.”

Source: Better India

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