Crotonaldehyde – 99%

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We have two grades of Crotonaldehyde. Crotonaldehyde 99% is an unsaturated aldehyde with commercial applications in the fragrance, food, paints, agriculture and adhesive industries.

It is used as a chemical additive to enhance product performance.


It is used for the manufacture of slow-release fertilizers beneficial for uniform growth of the plant and has a less likely chances to burn the lawn or other plants. Crotonaldehyde based fungicide having protective and curative action and a non-systemic acaricide. It is used primarily for the control of powdery mildews on a range of corps and the control of mites on fruit and vines.

This chemical also appears under: Food & Beverage, Plastics, Paper and Resins, Pharmaceutical

Technical Overview

Appearance Clear to Slightly Yellowish Liquid
Assay (%) Min 99.20
Acidity as Crotonic Acid (%) Max 0.50
Moisture (%) Max 0.20